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Key Insights on your Diversity Initiatives

It is here and was purposely-built, finally a cloud-based solution for advancing the measurement and tracking of organizational diversity.  First Advantage Consulting Firm’s Diversity Dashboards offers a variety of enhancement tools to show your diversity initiatives. Far beyond the normal static reports that are outdated by the time they are shared, our dashboard allows for [...]

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Meet the Dashboard

Drive your Diversity & Inclusion efforts with powerful visual storytelling tool.  Publish a heads-up-display of the metrics that matters the most to your organization.  Our tool comes loaded with reporting templates based on best practices and decades of diversity bench-marking experience.

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Your Scorecard

With an up-to-date workforce analytics that will help you stay on the forefront of developing trends throughout your organization.  A truly transparent and seamless integration with your current HRIS and Applicant Tracking data system. This will ensure you’ll spend more time analyzing the impact of your efforts instead of generating reports.

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Reporting Engine

Customization for your diversity metrics and being able to have on-the-fly reports.  With a variety of external databases and bench-marking sources that are baked into to our system.   Want to dive into the deep abyss of your data?  You’re just a few clicks a way.  Rather have a bird’s eye view? The choice is [...]

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PCT University

With over 30 thousand hours of Professional Training conducted, Let First Advantage Consulting Firm, LLC  be your preferred training company for success. Our professional corporate training program will motivate, coach, reward, educate and advance your company to new levels of productivity, customer awareness and employee appreciation are just a few of the benefits that will become due [...]

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E.O. 11246 Compliant Affirmative Action Plan Preparation

Affirmative Action Plan preparation is a arduous undertaking. The OFCCP has calculated that small businesses put in roughly 179.5 hours on their first AAP preparation and for a large business that number increases to 366 hours. In addition to the time, a certain amount of proficiency is also required. First Advantage Consulting Firm LLC., can [...]

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Our AAP/iPlan

Our proprietary Serenity software has been refined over the past 20 years to efficiently integrate and process client data into fully compliant OFCCP approved affirmative action plans (AAP's). Our AAP's are also hosted on iPlans cutting edge cloud servers allowing HR professionals to focus on plan implementation rather than development. In addition to a [...]

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Our Mock Desk Audit

How your data is collected, analyzed and scrutinized can make or break a successful AAP. Our OFCCP Mock Desk Audit, consists of a “2 tier process” that ensures your data is scrutinized as if it was going through the “OFCCP Desk Audit” process and we also go through the “11 Point OFCCP Managers Check-List” [...]

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First Advantage Consulting Firm Proudly Partners with These Companies

First Advantage Consulting Firm Proudly Partners with These Companies Following a comprehensive review and credentialing process, First Advantage Consulting Firm strongly recommends these companies. If you have a need for the types of services they offer, please contact them to see if they can accommodate you.   Safesthires: SafestHires is Comprised of People with Backgrounds [...]

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The EEOC and the Importance of an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP)

Why is it necessary to establish and maintain an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP)?  It is the Law. (Please see below on the background of Affirmative Action). Who mandates this? The US Federal Government. Who enforces Affirmative Action? The US DOL Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. Why is it necessary? It is mandated to have [...]

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